Monday, 25 April 2011

Printing blocks and Brontës

This is me getting excited in Haworth, West Yorkshire in 2009. We found a small antiquarian bookshop which stored these drawers full of various wooden printing blocks. The shopkeeper informed us that the blocks used to belong to some printer who quit and just got rid of them. They were all priced separately like collectibles so trying to choose a proper set to buy hurt my brain. Anyway, for a bit of this and that and a small but interesting selection of rare editions see Venables and Bainbridge at 111 Main Street, Haworth. I have yet to use the blocks for anything...

Apart from the odd shops, Haworth is also a nice place to go for a literary pilgrimage. The small village is famous for the Brontë sisters who lived in the old parsonage, now converted into a museum. If you travel outside the tourist season, or if it happens to be a rainy day, there are lots of things to experience. We slept all our nights in our campervan, in a disused gravel parking lot just behind the graveyard; It wouldn't be exaggerated to say that with its tall headstones and slabs the crowded parsonage graveyard feels like the heart of the old village. That and the church, the old stone cottages, narrow alleys, the three pubs - all crammed into this small area, a microcosm of sorts. Behind the parsonage, a small pasture; Behind the pasture, the Pennine moorland.


  1. love your work and blog!!

    simona from Italy

  2. Thank you! I've been visiting your shop every now and then, it's nice to see fellow book enthusiasts.