Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The new issue of ArtTrader magazine has a nice little article on white pens that also features my ATC of universal self-pity (the one pictured).

White gel pens truly are annoying creatures, it's hard to find a proper one that works well on different sorts of surfaces and doesn't get clogged all the time -

I'm a Gelly Roll man, or more like used to be, because about a couple of months ago I ran out of white Gelly Roll and haven't bought a new one because I'm so lazy. So I accidentally found Daler-Rowney's permanent white acrylic ink to be the easiest and also the most versatile medium for the sort of things I make. I have never really paid too much attention to the tools and things I use but gel pens have started to feel like so much plastic rubbish for so little fun, to be honest. I rarely need to write white text in guerrilla situations anyway so the bottled ink is just fine. Hooray for that and a glass of gin.

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